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Vaunt Magazine: The True Scope of Beauty

The world and those responsible for shaping it in the past have always dictated to the masses what beauty was: its shape, gender, color and even sexuality. They told us what we should wear, how we should act and who we should be, all in the service of selling clothes to us based on their narrow points of view.

At Vaunt Magazine, though, we celebrate the true scope of beauty, from androgynous to feminine and from cisgender to transgender, as well as the daring companies, fashion designers, models, stylists, photographers and other creatives driven to change the lens through which we see it.

Vaunt is the world’s first publication celebrating this Uncommon Beauty, with exclusive photo shoots of gorgeous androgynous and feminine models of all heights, weights, genders and sexualities in amazing cities across the globe. Every month, Vaunt shines a light on the individuals and companies creating hotness and giving voice and power to many of the people that have traditionally been left behind by the herd mentality and corporate decision makers.

You no longer have to accept what has been force-fed to you by the narrow judgments of the few. Instead, follow Vaunt and celebrate the True Scope of Beauty.

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Acrush to Remember

When is the formation of a boy band featuring impossibly cute, perfectly coiffed and impeccably dressed young stars wooing the young girls who come to see them particularly notable? When those males are actually female.