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Vaunt is the world’s first publication celebrating the most beautiful androgynous males from across the globe. Our daring photo shoots will crush gender boundaries and offer a new vision of beauty, glamour, elegance, sensuality and fashion sensibility. From the shores of the Far East and cities of Europe to Latin America and across the USA, Vaunt will shine a light on the amazing depth and breadth of androgynous male beauty that exists.

Vaunt is and has always been a small, privately owned endeavor that has been on a shoestring budget from the very beginning, which, though it has limited our ability to add as much new content as we want, has ensured we retained complete control over our artistic direction. Still, financial support helps so, so much. So if you love what we are doing and want to offer financial support to help us continue to bring more amazing, never-been-done content your way, please send your donations to Vaunt Magazine…

In a larger way, Vaunt is not just about showing pretty people wearing pretty things, but about how, at this crucial moment, beauty, art, inclusion and peace must win out over violence, ugliness, exclusion and cynicism.

Yes, the powers that be like you in a box, where they can categorize you, sell to you, tame you, control you and make themselves happy about you. But you don’t have to be in that box they constructed. You can break out and be the real you, whether that pleases people or not.

Elevate your beauty. Elevate your style. Elevate you.