Serious and Sweet on the L.A. Streets

Whether you dress to impress or are fit to flirt, always bring your fashion A-game to L.A.

Model: Ricardo Higareda
Photographer and Retoucher: Nicholas Bates
MUA: Megan Sutherland
Fashion Stylist: Beatrice Nicole
Shot on location in the Design District, Los Angeles, California, USA, exclusively for Vaunt Magazine.

Los Angeles is a lot of things—diverse in all ways—so it’s important to be ready for every eventuality, fashion-wise. Luckily, beautiful androgynous model Ricardo Higareda was ready when we photographed him in the L.A. Design District. Photographer Nicholas Bates deftly captured Ricardo’s natural beauty and resplendence in his all-white tank and pleated slacks combo punctuated by a tan cover-up and rocking black stiletto pumps.

But who wants to be formal all the time? Luckily, there are more casual styles that can be both flirty and fun, and Ricardo showed that off in a pair of easy-fit jeans, a cute baby-blue top with gauzy wide sleeves and statement earrings. Throw in a pair of chunky-heeled suede booties and you’ll be looking over your shoulder to see your adoring fans, just like Ricardo.

Vaunt Magazine
Vaunt Magazine

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