Bangkok Shorts Story

What’s hotter than a day spent shopping in the Bangkok heat and an evening wandering around this sultry, sexy, chaotic city? Well, four sexy-shorts looks that show just the right amount of skin and sophistication and get your adoring fans’ hearts beating a little faster.

Model: Premz Mars
Photographer: Jenny Yoshiko
Makeup: Pimpisara Jewpattanagul
Shot on location in Bangkok, Thailand, exclusively for Vaunt Magazine.

Shooting Premz Mars was very gratifying because he is one of the most stunning models Vaunt has found so far, and it also matched this amazing androgynous Thai beauty, sweetness and sophistication with photographer Jenny Yoshiko’s talented eye for place, glamour and color. Premz had virtually no experience as a model, let alone rocking sexy women’s clothes and heels, but he owned them all and pushed his sweet and sexy personality out and through Jenny’s camera lens. Premz, she said, was a dream to work with.

The shoot took place in four outdoor locations around Bangkok, and Jenny deftly captured both the exotic, lively, colorful vibe of that amazing city and Premz’ exotic beauty—a mix of androgynous male and feminine female all mixed together with both everyday street looks and sexy nightlife ensembles in a way that seemed very natural—exactly what we go for at Vaunt. Likewise, the sophisticated yet understated makeup by Bangkok makeup artist Pimpisara Jewpattanagul brought out even more of Premz’ natural glow, and his gorgeous dark hair was, well, gorgeous.

But the shoot was not without its challenges.  On the day of filming, there were some complications with getting a number of the wardrobe items that were supposed to be part of the shoot. Fortuitously, Jenny was able to transform it all from potential disaster to an actual strongpoint. She thought fast and decided that some of her own ensembles would be perfect on Premz—and she was so right. In fact, it’s amazing how well the looks worked and how natural and sexy Premz was in them, proving once again the fluidity of beauty and fashion.

“By the end, though, I started to notice that Premz had lost enthusiasm a little, and it turned out that he was wearing high heels for the first time on our shoot,” Jenny said. “When we finished after a few hours, I offered him to trade my flip-flops and his shoes on the way back. I was very impressed by the fact that he managed to pose in 10-centimeter high heels for half a day without complaining. Great job. He also looked beautiful, and many people were watching the process and that made him more shy, but then again,  it was his first time, as I recall. In a while, he managed to relax and never lost his cool after.”

One of the challenges of doing shoots all over the globe is that they sometimes require the team on the ground—usually the photographer and stylist, but also the model—to think on their feet and deal with whatever problems they face, because they know they have one window of opportunity to pull the shoot off. In this case, everybody nailed it.

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