Giving a Cold Shoulder to the Metro Manila Heat

The tropical heat in the National Capital Region of the Philippines is palpable, and at times overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show off everything you’ve got.

Model: KC Cusi
Photographer: Claude Villahermosa
Makeup and Hair: KC Cusi
Shot on location at Torre Venezia Suites, Quezon City, National Capital Region, Philippines, exclusively for Vaunt Magazine.

There is beauty all over Asia, and definitely all over Manila–much of which is walking right by you on the street. KC Cusi is one of the most striking beauties Vaunt has yet worked with, boasting an elegance and loveliness that is impossible to ignore.

On this warm summer day, KC shows off a little shoulder to pique everyone’s interest, then shows what a great pair of jeans and heels can do to complete a look.

A light, gauzy, linen top and sexy lizard-skin bottoms with heels is also an attention grabber, which KC masters here.

Finally, for evening fun, nothing turns heads more than a not-so-little black dress, and KC is pure sexiness in this breezy, all-black ensemble.

Vaunt Magazine
Vaunt Magazine

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