Caracas Cancion

Caracas Cancion - vaunt

Looking hot for a formal affair in tropical weather like this Venezuelan capital offers can be functional and sexy as long as you choose the right fabrics and style—and don’t forget to let your personal truth shine through.

Producer and Stylist: Elys Beroterran
Photographer: Jackson Javier 

MUA: Julio Cesar Alvarenga
Designer: Robin Morales
Models: Andres Vegas, Gabriell Om and Kevin Parra
Shot on location in Caracas exclusively for Vaunt Magazine.

Feminine. Masculine. Guys. Girls. Who is who, anyway? Answer: We are who we are.

This is Vaunt’s first major shoot featuring androgynous male and androgynous female models together, an arrangement that will be repeated many times in the future. International producer extraordinaire Elys Beroterran and his Moda Caracas Moda team were at home in their native Caracas, bringing out the true beauty of these gorgeous models, including the dapper, tuxedo-clad Andres Vegas, as well as the beautiful Gabriel Om, rocking a gauzy white two-piece set and heels, and Kevin Parra, resplendent in black formalwear, sans shirt, and heels.

Here’s to dressing appropriately for the occasion.

Vaunt Magazine
Vaunt Magazine

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